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Holistic Living Team Member?

Holistic Living Team Member?

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Interested in becoming a Holistic Living Team Member?
Email me and we'll create the best plan for you!

Dear Holistic Living Team Member,

Good day to you! My name is Stephanie Plyler with The Holistic Dragonfly™ (THD). THD is a new but growing business looking for companies who are aligned with our intentions for Holistic Well-Being. THD is a Holistic Living business offering Natural, Organic, and Earth-Friendly products as well as Holistic Well-Being Consulting Services on building and sustaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The goal of THD is to provide products, information, and services with the THD label as well as products from businesses like you.

The Holistic Dragonfly™ is currently online only but aspires to be a building with four walls someday! We plan to offer all things relating to Holistic Living. For example:

~~~Classes and Workshops~~~

Yoga, Meditation, Soap Making, Herbal Remedies, Tai Chi, Nutrition, etc.

~~~Products and Supplies~~~

Natural and Organic Bodycare for Men, Women, Babies, Seniors; Herbal Remedies; Aromatherapy; Cloth Diapers and Accessories; Natural Health Books; Organic Clothing; Natural and Healthful Snacks; Unique Teas and Drinks; Eclectic Art and Handmade Jewelry; Candles; Massage Supplies; Tranquil Music CDs; Holistic Living Newsletter, etc.

I am not currently looking to carry your wonderful products in-house or at least not in large stock. I am, however, interested in working out a way to offer my clientele your products. Perhaps you're interested in The Holistic Dragonfly™ products? Wholesale and affiliate programs are just a few of the options I'm excited to discuss with you.  

I look forward to hearing from you as to how we can work together in the near future. You offer something The Holistic Dragonfly™ is looking for, and I hope we can work out an arrangement that benefit your business, The Holistic Dragonfly™, and our clients’ holistic interests.

Take Care and Enjoy Yourself!

Holistic Well-Being Consultant
Stephanie Plyler


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