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Holistic Well-Being is a system of healthcare that uses education, natural medicines, and natural therapies to support and stimulate a person's intrinsic self-healing abilities.

Holistic Well-Being Plan (click here)

What is the Holistic Well-Being Plan and how is it created?

The Holistic Well-Being Plan is made specifically for you based on the information you provide on the Questionnaire as well as your personal desires and objectives for creating a more harmonious lifestyle. Herbs, meditation, sleep, nutrition, and exercise are a few of the techniques we may incorporate into your daily life. Together, we will take small steps towards holistic living.

How long will I need to follow the Holistic Well-Being Plan?

Realize before you begin, Holistic Living is a LIFE-LONG journey that takes practice and patience. Do not become attached to any results as these will change with each day. Take each experience as they come. If you fall backwards from daily meditation, acknowledge this and move on to tomorrow with the practice of meditation. If you are trying to quit smoking but find breaking the habit more difficult than you realized, just keep trying in every new moment not to go backward. Through this effort, you are progressing towards a more balanced way of living.

General Question (click here)

I would like to know more about The Holistic Dragonfly.

I would like to submit a question for the Ask the Consultant column of your newsletter.

For those of you with a General Question about an herb, product, and/or the use of a specific remedy, for example, you can complete our short form and we will reply as soon as possible. The Ask The Consultant column of the newsletter is published every two months and can include general questions pertaining to your health or that of your family's.

Natural Health Products (click here)

The Holistic Dragonfly has a variety of natural products made for your well-being. Natural and organic soaps, babycare and bodycare products, herbal remedies, natural and organic teas, and books are a few of the items available the shop. Click on the link above for a list our products.

Local Events

Coming soon to The Holistic Dragonfly!

Classes in yoga, tai chi, and meditation

Workshops on preparing herbal remedies and bodycare products

Events such as wellness retreats and travel opportunities

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