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Welcome to the Lounge. Sit back and browse the products listed on the page. Not only do we offer The Holistic Dragonfly products but many other Natural and Organic resources are listed here as well. If something works for you, stick with that product. If there is a natural and/or organic product line you're familiar with and you'd like to see it available at The The Holistic Dragonfly, email me and I will look into it. The Holistic Dragonfly makes only quality natural products for the benefit of your well-being. 

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Super Health Kids by Jane Sheppard
An Informative Book on Children's Health

Super Healthy Kids - No more chronic infections, allergies, or sickly kids!
Ground-breaking new report provides valuable information on boosting
your child's immune system to prevent disease.


$12.95 Downloadable E-book
$18.95 Printed Book

*Organic Products are used whenever possible and will be noted as such. Otherwise, products are all natural!

What does Natural and Organic mean anyhow? It the past few years, definitions have been put on these two words and requirements have become clearer. Educate yourself on the difference between Natural and Organic. Hopefully during your research, you can come to realize how important both statements are to claim.
According to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA Consumer, natural ingredients are those "extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically." The Natural Ingredient Resource Center provides criteria for Natural product claims and makes a good reference when purchasing any natural line.

The Organic Consumers Association offers articles, information, and links to qualified vendors of organic products on their website.

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